lunedì 27 maggio 2013

ehy ehy ehy........
Hi guys,
coming coming a my study of a re-styling of the "pumo".....
a collage of traditions......a part by the pumo and a part by "Pupa".
The pupa is a traditional figure of my town.
She represent a male whit mustache :D
A long story :D

-the Pumo
Elegant artifact of the ceramic tradition of Grottaglie, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, used for landscaping in the urban balconies. Today it is used as a valuable piece of furniture or lamp base

-the Pupa
In the feudal period we remember the history of the "Dolls with a mustache" when the "Droit de seigneur" (jus primae noctis) sparked the jealousy of a future husband to escape the shame of taxation and unacceptable to own his own wife by the Prince of turn , he disguised himself as a bride. Presenting the presence of the noble unfortunately had forgotten to cut the mustache and was soon discovered. Underwent a process, and to serve the sentence he was required to provide the best of his wines content and presented in anthropomorphic ceramic flasks representing this betrayal

they're coming..........coming soon the pumo hipster ahahahahahah